Voucher Terms & Conditions

  1. Vouchers are valid, by default, for 1 years from the date of issue unless use, restriction or limitation are specifically applied in the voucher description.
  2. The voucher must be securely retained for presentation to the service supplier for redemption. Treat a voucher as you would cash.
  3. Responsibility for voucher security transfers to the recipient upon issue. The issuer, voucher technology nor service supplier accept responsibility for vouchers that are lost, mislaid, altered, previously redeemed or damaged.
  4. Vouchers that are expired, damaged, altered, previously redeemed or fail security checks applied by the service supplier will not be accepted for redemption.
  5. Monetary/Cash vouchers may be used for more than one transaction and can be used in full or part payment for goods, services, or gift cards. Remaining funds may be retained on the card and may be spent later.
  6. Vouchers must be used for the purpose intended such as to purchase accommodation, meals, experiences, goods, or services in compliance with description and/or intent e.g., “Midweek Overnight Stay” and such use is subject to availability at Fairways Hotel Dundalk.
  7. Supplements, service terms & conditions or restrictions, e.g., “18 years or older” or usage limits may apply at specific times, e.g., “not valid on Public Holidays”.
  8. Cash refund or exchange is not permitted. A new or modified voucher may be issued for unused or outstanding balances subject to applicable terms and at the discretion of the supplier.
  9. The issuer, In 1 Solutions on behalf of Fairways Hotel Management Ltd, reserves the right in the interests of security to contact the purchaser and request further verification prior to the issue or redemption of a voucher.
  10. Vouchers are non-transferable and may not be resold or bartered.
  11. Limitations, based on age, apply to financial transactions in many jurisdictions including the use, purchase or redemption of vouchers. In general, limitations exclude minors, normally deemed as being under the age of 18 years. Please ensure you are legally entitled to use these services based on local laws before proceeding.